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• Dec 30, 2011 - 08:14


I just wonder how to change Key in multiple stave.
I attached example.
In the measure 3 I change Time signature just dragging it into Flute score and that appears in all 3 staves. (as I want) but when I try to do similar in measure 5 to drag new key signature into flute track they are just in flute track! But I wan't to appear in all tracks! (and to be corrected by instrument type). For this example I can draw 3 times but when score have complete band they are just to tedious.

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And when that will be??

I write some staff ocassionaly and still doesn't have notation software. As it's pure hobby I don't want to spent over $100 for software that I use twice a year... (so I stuck with free software :D )

So if next version is far away is it possible to just write some plugin for same functionality? (for example I just put key change on 1'st stave and plugin check other staves if they have change and if not then pluggin add the change (of course correct one based on instrument)

Very similar options can be done for Voltas too. To make Voltas on 1'st stave and then copy with plugin on other staves.

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It will be and it will be ready ;) Being "stuck" with Free software has a lot of pros (not only the price) and a couple of cons, the schedule being one ;)

A plugin is not possible. Currently the plugin framework doesn't have a way to manipulate keysig.
Regarding voltas, I think is not a good practise to put them on all the staves in an orchestra score. See the discussion here :

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No, it doesn't, unless the feature has been temporarily disabled. In the next version, crel drag will place key signature pn all staves at once. There has been discussion of changing it so that the default woild be to place on all staves, with crl needed to override that and get the current behavior. But one way or another, that feature will be there.

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Nightly works.

with control key the key change appears in all staves. But I can say that is buggy. If stave isn't in concert pitch then key is copyed wrong. (ie the same key is copied in all staves without taking account on instrument type.) So it's not perfect! but ussable.

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Indeed, last I checked, transposition was not working with respect to key signatures well at all in the nightly builds - not just upon adding new ones, but even for the initial key aisngature. It's kind of to be expeced some things will be temporarily broken while they work on other things, so until things stabilize more, I woldn't sweat it. Although from what I have seen and read, it's really coming together nicely in a lot of ways. So I'm really looking forward to using it when it becomes more viable!

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