[trunk] Moving rests doesn't work as in 1.1

• Jan 27, 2012 - 10:53
S4 - Minor
by design

If you try to move a rest in 1.1, it doesn't move 'gradually' / 'continously' / 'smoothly', but in 'steps', as a normal note. That's very useful, making horizontal rest alignment easy. If you want to move them continously, you must press 'ctrl'.

HOWEVER, in the trunk rests move 'gradually' / 'continously' / 'smoothly' always.

Did somebody forget to implement the moving in 'steps' algorithm in the trunk, or was it made on purpose?

If it was made on purpose, i think it was a bad choice as there's no need to put priority in smooth movement over horizontal rest alignment.

If that was done involuntariously, I guess simple copy-pasting from the 1.1 code will fix it.

Thank you.



I assume you refer to moving elements with the keyboard (as opposed to moving elements by clicking and dragging around with mouse).

To move an element with the keyboard, you have to enter "edit mode", either by double clicking on the element or with [Ctrl][E] command. Once in edit mode, an element can be "nudged" with keyboard and:

simple arrow: 1/10 of spatium movement
[Ctrl]+arrow: 1 spatium movement.

(1 spatium is the distance between two stave lines)

This applies to most elements (rests, notes, clefs, time signatures, ..., the most notable exception being textual elements) and it is a new feature of ver. 2.0. So, I can safely assume it is by design.

Personally, I find this a real improvement which simplifies element positioning (when the default position is not suitable) and it allows a much more precise alignments of elements (moving by a known (and simple) fraction of spatium allows a more precise spatial planning of the various elements) than the previous version.


P.S.: trunk and version 1.1 now diverge considerably and copying and pasting from one to the other usually does not work anymore.

No, he means with the mouse. In 1.1 the rest moves up/down when dragged by a whole ledger line (so from G to A) which allows you to line up rests perfectly all the time. In 2.0 its by a very fine motion, so lining up elements across an entire system is no longer possible.