Repeat marks not working

• Nov 27, 2016 - 22:23

I imported a .gp4 in Musescore. There are 2 bars that should be repeated. Play repetitions is activated, but when I play the score the playback stops, when it's reaching the repeat mark. Anyone knows how to fix this?
I deleted all the unecessary things in the file.

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I don't know why, I found this : Clic the last measure, click right, go to Propieties , at the bottom on right, there is "number of répetitions, it will be on 1, put it on 2.

But I don't understand why repetitions does not work

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Maybe (once again) a problem with the naming, in MuseScore's measure properties what is called "repeat Count" really is a "play count". Repeat once -> play twice.

Maybe the fix is as simple as changing
m->setRepeatCount(bars[i].repeats + 1);
In mscore/importgtp.cpp lines 765 and 1884 or by changing
bar.repeats = readUChar();
bar.repeats = readUChar() + 1;
in mscore/importgtp4.cpp, line 538 and mscore/importgtp5.cpp line 561 and mscore/importgtp.cpp, lines 1222 and 1811?

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"In Tuxguitar you enter 1 as the repetition count for 2 repetitions."


"I used Tuxguitar to export the *.gp4, so maybe this is the error source."

Probably. I see the same problem by saving this test file under gp3.

Original Tux test file:
After saving under gp3: gp3.gp3
Under gp4: gp4.gp4

But works with gp5: gp5.gp5

(the problem is solved with gp3 and gp4, by entering 2 as the repetition.

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