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• Feb 7, 2012 - 02:22

How do I burn my MuseScore projects onto a CD?
Howard Newman


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Wav is probably more recognized by cd players than mp3, but neither is the preferred fornat. The usual way to create a cd is to first generate wav files, then generate a true audio cd from that using software that knows how to do that (eg, itunes, windows media player) rather than simply burning a data disc with ordinary wav or mp3 files.

If you really need mp3, plenty of free programs exist that convert wav to mp3; google will happily tell you about them. I think i heard that a future version of MuseScore might have mp3 support directly.

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The problem with MP3 is that it is still subject to patent until 2015, and this is why you find most open source audio software does not provide it from within the application.

This means that providing a codec within software can leave the developers open to patent infringement lawsuits.


There is also information on patents here: http://www.mp3-tech.org/

Having said that, Wikipedia states that: "patent holders declined to enforce license fees on free and open source decoders". The position on open source encoders is not clear. Audacity - the other high profile open source music application will automatically link to the Lame Encoder if it is installed, but do not supply it as part of the software.

The 'save as' options on my MuseScore 3 are either MuseScore file, or uncompressed MuseScore file. Is there a way to add the WAV option?

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No need to, MP3 and WAV are available in File > Export in MuseScore 3 and 2.
It used to be in File > Save as in MuseScore 1, which when this thread started, 7 years ago. Back then also MP3 export was not available and generally only in later MuseScore 2 versions (2.2 I think)

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