[MusicXML import] [trunk] import error: 46a-Barlines.xml: unexpected multi-measure rests

• Feb 9, 2012 - 20:47
S4 - Minor

File 46a-Barlines.xml in Reinhold Kainhofers unofficial MusicMXL testsuite when imported in MuseScore contains multi-measure rests that are not present in the MusicXML file.


Note: in MuseScore multi-measure rests are primarily a score-specific style setting (which can be overruled by a measure property), while in MusicXML multi-measure rests are simply a different type of rest. This makes exact translation a bit difficult.

Currently, the MusicXML importer in the trunk always sets the "create multi measure rest" setting in the general style. With the current MuseScore defaults this results in all runs of two or more empty measures changing into multi-measure rests. This is confusing and probably not what users expect.

Proposed solution: the MusicXML importer should not change the "create multi measure rest" setting. Note that this has already been implemented in the 0.9.6 branch.