Keep notes selected when pasting in different transposition staff

• Dec 23, 2016 - 14:51
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S4 - Minor

In the sample score copy the first measure of the Bass Clarinet and paste it into the Bassoon and note that only an accidental is then selected. Copy the Bassoon and paste it into the Contrabassoon and notice that everything pasted is now selected rather than only an accidental. If you were to paste the Bass Clarinet into the Contrabassoon on the accidental would be selected. If you copy from the Cello to the Double Bass you get the pasted notes selected. I believe that everything pasted should be selected so you can do action on it if desired.

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If you copy and paste from one staff to a staff with the same transposition, after pasting the pasted notes are selected.

If you copy and paste into a staff with a different transposition, after pasting one of the accidentals created by the transposition remains selected.
Expected result: keep the pasted notes selected, just as when copy-pasting between staffs with identical transposition.

minor workaround is to use Concert Pitch, resulting in staves with 'equal' transposition.