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• Dec 27, 2016 - 01:43

I searched and found an answer to this question but it doesn't work for me.

I spent a lot of time tweaking the style of a score and saved it because I want to use it as the default style on virtually all new scores that I create. I clicked on Save Style and gave it a name and saved it. I know it has been saved because it is listed in my files when I click Load Style.

However, when I start a new score and then click on Load Style, then click on the style file, it doesn't load. I'm left with the default style in the score on my screen.

What am I doing wrong or missing? Thanks for any assistance.


The page formatting should automatically update when the custom style is loaded, yet I've noticed that if the score you're trying to apply a style to already has some text objects, a title for instance, clicking the text and pressing "Reset Text to Style" in the Inspector seems required to take effect, unless I'm overlooking a feature. You'd think there'd be an option when loading a style to have it apply to existing texts, etc. so you don't have to do this...

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You never have to select similar things individually - right click one, Select / All Similar Elements, then do what you want (eg, Reset Text to Style).

I assume your score is the result of importing from another format or from another version of MuseScore. For those, you do indeed need to reset the text before they can start taking advantage of MuseScore 2's text style facility. Scores created with MuseScore 2 do not have this issue - text *does* automatically update when you change style settings.

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Thanks for this. It works but it sure does seem cumbersome.

Right click any existing text element (e.g. title)
Select > All Similar Elements
Style > Load Style
Inspector > Reset Text to Style

BTW, two things. The score containing the style I saved for future use was created in MuseScore 2. Also, this method seems not to remember style settings made with Tools (such as measures per line).

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It's not about the version of MuseScore used to create the style; it's about the version of MuseScore used to create the score you are attempting to update. Generally, only scores imported from programs other than MuseScore will need to have the style information created in this fashion, because those scores don't contain this style information already but instead contain hard-coded formatting.

If you are seeing a need to do this in a score created in MuseScore 2, then I guess maybe you had previously explicitly overriden the text style and applied manual formatting to the text. It's deliberately that we don't automatically remove any formatting you had manually applied - that's what you want most of the time. If you think you have MuseScore 2 score where you *didn't* explicitly apply manual fotrmatting but nonetheless are finding it isn't updating, then please attach it here so we can investigate.

Tools and Style are different things. Line breaks aren't style settings, they are "physical" elements added to your score to say where you want the lines to break.

As for the overall process, note you only do this once per score, and only for older scores you wish to update. A handful of clicks to update them isn't *that* cumbersome. But again, it's simpler for scores created with MuseScore 2, assuming you didn't previously tell MuseScore *not* to use the style settings, which is what applying manual formatting does.

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Hmm, I was pretty sure this was supposed to work, but you're right, it doesn't seem to currently. It seems text style are not updating automatically for some reason. Can you file a bug report (Help / Report a Bug, from within MuseScore)?

Meanwhile, workaround remains to do the reset. Sorry for the confusion.

I missed in the original description of the issue that you are actually wanting to use this style for *new* scores. in that case, the answer is MUCH simpler. Don't use a style file at all; instead simply save your score as a template folder (eg, Save As, specify your templates folder as the location). Now it will be available at the top fo the templates lsit every time you create a new score (you may need to restart MuseScore first).

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No. That's the whoke point of templates - they are used to set up new scores but only for their settings and a few configuration things like the list of instruments/staves.

Btw, you don't "open" a template when creating a score from it. You simply select it from the template list in the Create New Score wizard.

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But you didn't answer my main point. So, I don't "open" a template, I select it. Following your procedure of how it was saved as a template in the first place, it will still contain the specifics of the previous score (which will have to be deleted), right? In other words, it won't open as a blank template.

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As I said, "they are used to set up new scores but only for their settings and a few configuration things like the list of instruments/staves". The word "only" means what it says - *only* those things from your original score used. Other specifics of the original score will *not* be copied over. Try it and see - it really does work.

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