Add more or less Stretch

• Mar 4, 2012 - 08:05

Somewhere in the handbook I found directions for using 'add more or less stretch' to measures. This I used successfully on a number of charts. Recently I find it is no longer working for me, and the instruction has been reduced to a statement of existance only.... am I doing something wrong? has it been modified, deleted or worse, has the inclusion of other requirements created a bug in the system???


Which version of MuseScore????

It's working fine in MuseScore 1.1

And last time I tried it in the Nightlies it was OK, but that was about a week ago.

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I am not clear as to where, or when right clicking on a mouse was added to the manual, for additional opperational control
of various program activation. But at the same time as I made my original post regarding this problem, I had also posted a problem with with volta repeats. where I could not edit........ This was answered for me by somone suggesting Right clicking.
I replied that I have never had the ability to do this with a Mac. Pro. Laptop. This was then answered with the suggestion to use the control key instead. This worked not only for Volta editing, but also for adding stretch.
Now for the sake of other Mac users could this tip be added to the manual if it is not there somewhere already.

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I'm puzzled.

Chen Lung is using Macs and he says he uses right-clicking constantly.

This suggests that right click is available to Mac users provided they have a suitable mouse??

Incidentally more thought needs to go into the UI for laptop and netbook users.

Scrolling functions in particular are missing if you do not have access to a mouse and/or keypad

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Yes, right click is available to Mac users with a two button mouse. Mac users with only a one button mouse, or a pad, need to learn the standard Mac substitutes for right clicking on their particular device. Ctrl-click in place of right click isn't just for MuseScore; it applies to all applications, and from what I understand, it is a useful technique even with Finder.

As for scrolling, hopefully the response above clarifies. It should be possible with virtually any sort of pointing device, but you may have the consult the documentation for your device to see what particular gesture corresponds to mouse wheel. Also, there is always the navigator. I'm not aware of any functions that are not available to those of us who do not use mice - you just have to know the equivalent gestures on your particular device.

It would help if you post a score and instructions to reproduce. I'm guessing it will turn out to be either that you have a line break inserted so reducing stretch cannot bring additional measures on the line, or you have the style option set to fix the number of measures per line, or you are already at the minimum or maximum value.

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