How do I indent the first staff in a piece?

• Jan 3, 2017 - 02:46

You know how in some sheet music, the first staff is indented like a paragraph? How do I do that? (The staves will not have the name listed)


In reply to by Alison Riggs

I would recommend not doing this via a style file. Most scores should have the first line indented; not doing so is more the exception for particular *types8 of scores. For example, lead sheets, or educational materials. So instead of forcing all scores to not indent, simply create a template - a normal score set up the way you want, then saved to your Templates folder - that has it turned off. For example, the Jazz Lead Sheet template included with MuseScore does this already, and I also have a "Handout" template I use for my own educational materials that also does this. That way I can easily create lead sheets and handouts that have it turned off, but normal scores will still have it turned on as they should.

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