[Trunk] Crash when opening MSCZ-file while navigator is active

• Mar 12, 2012 - 14:14
S2 - Critical

MuseScore cannot open MSCZ-files without freezing completely.
The problem seems to be situated in the navigator, since the problem does not occur when the navigator is turned off before opening the file.

Steps to reproduce problem:
- Start MuseScore (with navigator active)
- Open file in demos-folder inside trunk: golliwogg.mscz

OS: Ubuntu 11.10
MuseScore revision 5453


I cannot reproduce this bug. The navigator renders the score in several threads in the background. So the bug may be timing dependent. Some parts of Qt are not thread safe and you may have hit one of these routines.

Possibly unrelated, but the only way I can reproduce this crash is to follow the steps in my bug report #15136: [trunk] Navigator gets into redraw loop. If the navigator is at just the right size that it can't redraw properly (which is still an issue) then closing the score will generally crash MS. The OP doesn't mention the nav size so his report is likely a different bug.