Selection choices should not require a Voice; choices should be applied on paste, delete, etc.

• Jan 9, 2017 - 04:52

Currently, selections are limited by the requirement for a voice to be present to select and copy. However, for copying or even deleting, I think the selection should be ignored until the operation. This way, once could, for example, select a set of measures with chord symbols and, by changing the selection before pasting, only past the chord symbols.

This would also be very useful for some midi imports where some data has been entered, erroneously, into a second voice (usually a problem with the program which wrote the midi). The second voice is not in every measure. This would allow selecting a range of measures which includes all the measures with the second voice, and, but only leaving the second voice selected, delete the second voice.

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Aaron Grosky


I believe this is already the case.

In the selection filter (F6) have all voices active.
Make your range selection
Now uncheck the voices you don't want selected.
Now perform a cut/copy.

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If you are experiencing a specific case where it does not work as it should - where the selection filter does not alter the selection - please open a new thread in the Support forum and attach the specific score and precise steps to reproduce the problem, so we can investigate. It works in virtually all cases I have tried; there are a couple of known minor limitation with things like tremolo.

Indeed, don't use the selection filter to copy elements other than the notes themselves - use right click / Select. So, for example, to paste chord symbols only for a range of measures, select the range, right click one chord symbol, Select / All Similar Elements in Range Selection.

Not quite understanding the second case - attaching an actual score and a more specific description of what you are trying to do would help. It's already perfectly possible to delete only the second voice in any selected measures using the Selection Filter.

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I shall have to try your solution. It is less intuitive but sounds like it is sufficient.

As to my second paragraph - I am trying to import some of my work from my previous program. I do so via midi files, but the previous program has a bug which occasionally leaves a note "hanging". This causes two notes to be present for a single-note instrument. Some cases are so bad that I rework the original and rewrite the midi. Others are easier to fix in MuseScore. However, part of that solution is to select the measures with multiple voices and delete one of the voices. When an intervening measure only has one voice, I have had problems selecting all the measures with 2 voices and deleting just the second voice. Usually, when an intervening measure would not remain part of the selection, unselecting the first voice invalidates the selection and "delete" does nothing.

I don't have any samples readily available, but if you are still interested, I'll save part of my next instance.

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If you can get MusicXML instead of MIDI, that will be a far better option - MusicXML is meant to convey notation information, where MIDI is really only for playback information and loses a *lot* of important notation information.

Anyhow, if you do find a specific issue involving deleting a voice, do attach a score and precise steps to reproduce the problem, so we can investigate. But it really should work as simply as described.

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