"For details, see "Formatting existing text" below."

• Mar 21, 2012 - 06:51

Under text style, text editing, it says "For details, see "Formatting existing text" below."

There IS no "Formatting existing text" below.

Please someone explain how to edit text. For example, to change the size of letters in the text. Can't text in this program work like other programs?


@eameece: Can't text in this program work like other programs?

Can you elaborate? 'Other programs' can be much different from each other: word processors are, I would say, 'text-centric': the text part is the main focus and other elements (graphics, ...) if present are ancillary.

In programs working on raster images (for example PhotoShp) textual elements are present but just one of the many element types. Stil different is the status of text elements in CAD programs. Or in music notation programs like MuseScore.

So, I would say that, no, text editing in MuseScore cannot work like other programs, as other programs can be widely different in structure and relationship between text and other parts.



Changes to existing text *are* performed like in most other programs - select the text you wish to change, then use the controls provided to change font face, size, etc. The only difference worth mentioning is that the controls happen to be at the bottom of the screen instead of the top the way they might for a program whose main focus is text.

If your goal is just to chane a few words here and there, then this is the way it is done. If your goal is to change *all* instances of a given type of text (like, say, all staff texts), then you right click one and use the Text Properties dialog, and click the option to apply to all. Or else just select all the items in the first place (select one, right click, select all similar) before going into Txt Properties. to set the default style for text items yet to be create, use Style->Edit Text Style. In the next major release, this text style will also affect elements that have already been created (unless you have explicitly overridden them).

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