Add marcato shortcut

• Mar 26, 2012 - 13:21
S5 - Suggestion

For my project of Software Engineering and Software Project I want to add some Shortcuts..
Suggestions are welcome :)



Well something a lot of us have been asking for is a Key Shortcut for Set Invisible

Also a shortcut to move vertically between staves would be very useful

A Key Shortcut to place a marcato accent ^ above a note would be very useful. I can't find a way of doing this at all, apart from dragging it from the bottom of a note to the top - and that's boring when there are load of accents in a piece.

@Tubascusa: Marcato accent Shortcut implemented.. For the moment the key sequence is Ctrl+Alt+O (random..).
Have only tu update in SVN.

Many thanks for sorting out the marcato accent shortcut. Much appreciated - look forward to the SVN being updated - hopefully! I think that there is a requirement for this type of reversal of position (above to below a note and vice versa) also applies to other accents, Great work - thanks!

Ok thanks for the patch but it's a little bit of a mess. cmdAddMarcato is commented. If it's not useful, delete it and create new patch. What's the point of "M" in cmdAddPitch ? Why is addArticulation(Articulation_Marcato); called twice in cmd.cpp ?

Download your patch and open it for example with TortoiseUDiff on windows. Is that the changes you want to be commited ?

Title Shortcuts Add marcato shortcut
Status (old) active fixed

No problem! Thanks for the quick answer.

Your patch uses a old version of the trunk (r5535=. The handling of shortcuts has changed a bit. If you plan to contribute again to MuseScore or another project. It's better to provide a patch for the most up to date version.

I commited your patch, modified to cope with the new shortcut implementation in r5644

I renamed this issue to "Add marcato shortcut" and put it on fixed. If you want to discuss about other shortcut, it's better doing it on the forum and create an issue for each one to discuss implementation and follow task completion.

Thank you for your contribution!!!