Problems with setting Tempo

• Mar 30, 2012 - 12:47


I am encountering a few problems setting the Tempo.
I have completed entering a score and want to change the tempo.
I have read, and tried to follow, the steps at :
I expect I am missing something.
1. When I tried using both the 'Play panel' and the 'Tempo text' methods, the playback is not at the speed I think I am specifying. eg setting 'Tempo text' to '110' is not playing back at anywhere near '110bpm'. ( inside the 'Play panel' the settings are 111bpm and 101% )
2. Using the slider in the 'Play panel' seems to be very difficult to control with the mouse to select an exact setting. When using the up/down arrow keys in the 'Play panel', the bpm increases/decreases by 5bpm beats at a time. Can I set it to change by 1bpm at a time, so I can specfy the exact bpm I require?

I'm using MuseScore Version 1.1 Ubuntu 10.10



Make sure the tempo in the Play panel is set to 120, which will show 100%, then set your tempo text to 110. When you set a tempo text and change the tempo in the Play panel, it doubly affects the playback, and it doesn't work correctly.

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The contents of the tempo text itself are not what controls the tempo - it is the properties (right click, "Tempo Properties" Your tempo the *reads* "110", but its properties say 72. Assuming you didn't didn't set it that way on purpose, that must have been the number that was displaying in the box in the tempo dialog. You can change it there before placing it or place it then change it.

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