Rewind to Start Position doesn't seem to function without a restart

• Apr 11, 2012 - 17:35
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I recently downloaded the 1.2 version of MuseScore, but today I noticed after loading a score (piano and two other instruments), the "Rewind to Start Position" doesn't work. I displayed the Play Panel and the button there doesn't function either, although it does seem to move back to the previous note (?? maybe it's the beginning of the measure). I thought this only happened with this one score, but when I loaded another score, and played, once I pressed the rewind button, the sound stopped and I couldn't get it to play again. Additionally, while experimenting, I stopped the score in the middle, planning to click on another note to see if it would start playing there - the note sounded, and is still sounding as I write this even with the rest of the score playing. I'm confused.

I'm using Windows XP-3. The Rewind button worked fine in the previous version. I'm kind of confused - is this some setting I trashed or what? I thought the rewind function had nothing to do with a particular score.

I shut down MuseScore and restarted it and it seems to be ok, so I was wondering if perhaps some other score got the settings whacked out - I had just played the Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals that is on the sharing site (The_Carnival_of_the_Animals_Movement_14_Finale.mscz) before I started experiencing the problem.

This isn't a big bother, but I thought I should report it in case there is something going on that might mean something to someone.

Thanks, Frank


Title Rewind to Start Position doesn't seem to function without a restart. Rewind to Start Position doesn't seem to function without a restart
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Thanks for reporting - if you encounter it again, could you post in the forum instead :)? The issue tracker is generally for established and reproducible reports.

Development-wise, the focus is now on version 2.0 (coming later this year), so maybe you could try a nightly build (found here ) to see if you have a problem there.

Thanks again!