How to change the default font

• Jan 14, 2017 - 18:43

I want to change the font for all the texts. I don't like the default of FreeSerif.
How can I do it without going through each text setting seperately? (Title, Subtitle, Composer, Lyricist, etc.)


Found this workaround which may be useful especially if you want to change default font in large scores:

*Save file as "uncompressed"
*Open the .mscx file with any text editor
*use the search function to search for FreeSerif
*Then use the "replace all" function in the text editor by choosing any font (of course the font must be in your computer), for instance "Times New Roman"
Save the file in the Text Editor
Now you can open the file with Musescore, remember to resave it as compressed mscore file (.mscz)

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This works indeed. But for the record, a somewhat better approach is to open one such score (or use the default) and go to Format / Save Style to save an MSS file that specifies the style defaults (including the fonts). Now do your same text editor trick on that file. You can then simply load that file into any existing score via Format / Load Style, and you can specify this as your default for new scores created from scratch, via Edit / Preferences / Score.

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