AddNoteNamenoteheads 1.3 Update

• Jan 15, 2017 - 15:49
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~ 'Named note heads' meets 'color notes'~

Hi Jens,
This is not really an issue or bugreport - I just made an update for AddNoteNamenoteheads and like to share it. And found no better way to so. I just watched revisions and saw that last version was upped by Thomas. I wonder how he did. Normal I see these 'edit' tabs all around here like on wikipedia where you can propose changes. However on the AddNoteNamenoteheads it is somehow missing.

Anyway these are the changes in 1.3:

  1. Added option to color note heads according to pitch
    ...and to combine it together with the plugin-colornotes_v3.
  2. Added a button to show up Instructions/Help page
  3. Various source code formating and structural changes to improve readability


  1. Code that find and remove old named note heads to avoid that they get double and multiplied on each run.
  2. Code that sets vertical text alignment to center on the text template that named note heads uses.
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Reported version

Hi Djamana,

I like this plugin but there is a little thing that I would change if I could code it.
Off staff half and whole notes are crossed whit the staff line, which makes difficult to read them.
Especially when they are sharp or flat.
(see attachment or your picture on this page in description section, first note C and G)
I don't want to use the "hide off staff" because it is misleading (for me) in case of more off staff line. It's better to keep them.
However my suggestion: Can you dump a white filled empty notehead first (as a background),
and then write the note name on it?


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