Da Capo ignores section breaks

• May 8, 2012 - 22:14
S4 - Minor

If you have a score with multiple movements each movement is ended by an end bar line. Having a Da Capo ( al fine) in the third movement, for instance, playback does not jump to the end bar line of the second movement but to the beginning of the first movement.


Which version of MuseScore are you using ? On which OS ?

In MuseScore 1.2 there is no way to delimit movements. In MuseScore 2.0, there will be a section break.
For the record, the bug is also present with section breaks in r5611

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Sorry, but I use version 1.2 on Windows XP and Ubuntu 12.04.
I interpreted the End bar as that what you now introduce with a section break: After the End Bar a new section begins, i.e. a new movement.

I'm bumping because I notice that Da Capo still ignores section breaks in current 2.0.1 stable and nightly.

Musescore handbook says that Section breaks should "Section Break can be used to separate movements in a concerto for example. ... It also resets the measure number to 1." so expected behavior should be that DC's go to top of current section.

Workaround is to create invisible marker at beginning of your section and edit the jump properties to jump to the name of the invisible marker.

I suppose one implementation would be to create implicit makers "start2", "start3", "start4" ... at the start of each section and implicit ending markers "end2", "end3", "end4" at the end of each section, and then have musescore automatically use the appriate marker depending on the current section for any new DC's or "...al Fines". (Note, if user inserted new section in between two current sections, then all these names for markers would have to be updated, and likewise jumps would need to update the marker names they point to.)