TempoChange rit.s or accel.s won't show up

• Jan 17, 2017 - 03:31
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When I use musescore to put in an accel. or rit., pressing apply won't doing anything


Reported version

So you are using the TempoChanges plugin and it doesn't work? If so, please share the score where it isn't working
Or were you just entering a "rit." text into your score and expected ot to magically work? If so, use the above mentioned plugin, MuseScore alone doesn't do this

Srry, I wasn't clear enough. I was using the musescore plugin TempoChanges, and I used the box to input everything, but it didn't do anything:
Actually, I'm trying to attach a file, but musescore is just quitting whenever I press apply on the TempoChanges window
Ok, now I'm really confused.

And if you can, attach the file on which you're trying this. The plugin shouldn't be closing MuseScore under normal circumstances, so I'm guessing perhaps some kind of corruption exists in the file you're trying to apply this to.

This score works perfectly fine for me here: Selected 3 measures and ran plugin, markers are added.

What are the exact steps you perform?
Where do you click? How do you select things?

It does not appear in any of the screen shots that you have anything selected when you use the plugin. What do you have selected when you run it?

If you select nothing on the score from #5 then the plugin simply closes itself (not MuseScore) and performs no action.

If you select the first measure (as per #10), then I get two resulting elements: the text and the final tempo marking.

As Jojo noted, the score you've attached is not the score from the screenshot; so it could still be you have something going on with that score that makes this crash. Please either confirm what happens on an empty score and/or attach the score as used in the screenshot.

I don't have a Mac, so I can't verify it on that version; it would be nice if someone who has a Mac can confirm the correct workings with on Sierra.

Upload the score that actually crashes with instructions to replicate the problem. If shortening it keeps the problem, a shorter version will work fine.

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Reported version

I just realized: I was using musescore 2.3 instead of 2.3.1. Now it works fine. Thx for help though!

And there is neither a MuseScore 2.3, nor a 2.3.1, just a 2.0.3 and a But there is a 2.3.1 Version of the TempoChanges plugin, and that is what this issue is all about, isn't it?

Sorry, I thought the upload was from the last person. I can't duplicate the problem on Widows 10.

I tried applying it to the first staff, the last staff, both staffs, no notes, the notes you said. Everything works as expected. Someone with a Mac should be able to look at it sometime soon.

All these "?" in the dialog shouldn't be there, should be different letthg notes and dots, this seems to indicate you didn't install it properly, not sure.

I downloaded the folder MuseScore_TempoChanges-2.3.1 and copied it to the Plugins folder in ~/Documents/MuseScore2. Is that the right place?

Interestingly, on 10.11 El Capitan, with MuseScore 2.0.3 and TempoChanges 2.3.1, I don't get the crash, but the same font problem is there. Worthy of separate bug report?

Yes I think it’s a separate issue. I only piggybacked here because the OP reported that MuseScore crashed.
I’m currently trying to update MuseScore on Linux Mint in VirtualBox. If I succeed I’ll try the plugin there and report. If you’ve opened a new bug report I’ll report it there.
eta: I’ll open a new bug report.
It’s #164731.