12:5 Tuplet

• Jan 29, 2017 - 22:03

I'm trying to write/notate a 12:5 tuplet. The problem at hand is that MuseScore makes you select one single measure or rest when inserting a tuplet, and I want this 12:5 to be over 2.5 beats (in 4/4). As far as I know there is no way to write a single note or rest so that it covers both the half note and the eight note; if I could accomplish this then I would be able to insert the tuplet I want. Basically I can't figure out how to combine the two beats with the eight note in order to be able to insert the custom tuplet I want over those 2.5 beats. I was wondering if anyone has a solution to this.


You have requested a very tricky tuplet, mostly because it is not normal notation at all. I have attached a file with line by line instructions.

After examining the score the following will make sense.

If your tuplet does not start on the first beat, you will have to split the measure before the tuplet. The tuplet CANNOT cross measure - impossible.
If the Tuplet does not start or end the measure you will need to split the measure before AND after the tuplet.
Once the tuplet is entered, the measure cannot be copied - this is a MuseScore limitation that cannot currently be overcome. You probably will not be able to paste into it, you can't paste into tuplets any way.

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Ziya's method has the undesirable side effect that it may change rhythm layouts (1/4 note could become tied 1/8 notes e.g.) if it is not the last measure entered because everything in that measure or later will become 5/8 temporarily. Local time signatures won't work because you can't remove them once notes are entered.

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Instead of deleting the time signature, one could cut the tuplet and paste it where need and delete the measure itself. This would allow you to do this in the middle of the piece itself, by inserting a bar, doing it and deleting it later instead of scrolling till the end to find an empty measure

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In order for the tuplets to be able to be played, it must be a basic point.
Beats are for that: One beat, two beat, half beat(s), etc. (One of these)

I think the above request is for a mechanical or mathematical composition.

If such a notation comes to me, I can't play.
Because I can't count the tuplets on two and a half strokes.
Musescore can do it :)

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Well said. It's unplayable, but also the rests are in the wrong order. There should be a whole rest at the end and quaver rest before it - then at least you can see immediately how long the tuplet it. (To retract slightly on how I started, Scriabin and similar composers would happily write any number of notes in a tuplet, and to make this humanly playable you could just write a 10-plet over two beats followed by two semiquavers.)

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