nugging(adjusting) a dotted note

• May 29, 2012 - 10:12

Is it still not possible to adjust the position of the dot when using a dotted note?
This is particularly annoying when two dotted notes have a second as interval.


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Sure that is the modern rule which is what I personally adhere to, however in the past music publishers didn't always adhere to this.

The other area where you may find differing note lengths on the same stem is in classical guitar music, where often the reduction to a single stave requires compromises which otherwise would be unacceptable.

Anyway, the ability to nudge a dot is highly desirable - sometimes the addition of a voice obscures a previously placed dot.

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Even if they share the same stem, if the note values are different, they are by definition different voices musically, and that is how they would be entered in MuseScore. Enter the voices independently, since that's what they truly are from a musical standpoint, then if you really need to use this particular non-standard notation style, flip the stems manually as necessary.

And while it is not usually recommended, yes, you *will* sometimes see this notation used in older manuscripts, and especially in classical guitar, where the deaire to represent everything with a single staff sometimes requires various handstands that would not otherwise be used.

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I don't understand the difference you are trying to describe. So what if it is not technically one stem, but rather two stems that are indistinguishable from one because they overlap? As I said, these *are* two different voices musically; how would even event the other ores in the measure if not as two separate independent voices. The mere fact that for one instant with the measure two notes in two different voices happen to occur at the same time, and you happen for some as yet unexplained reason want them to share a stem, doesn't change the act hat these *are* two separate independent voices. Yes, it takes a special series of operations to create this non-standard but occasionally-used effect (notes two independent voices appearing to share a single stem), and that is as it should be IMHO.

(or, when all else fails, cheat). You can add a different type of dot - MuseScore allows you several ways to cheat here. One way is to make your stack of dotted notes and then make them staccato - you only get one extra dot this way but MuseScore will let you move it around. Another is to add some text, or lyrics to the note and place a full-stop here (setting it maybe to 18-point or so).

lasconic, this is by far the simplest way to solve this problem
is m.h.o.
I do not now how difficult it is to program the nugging possibility of
a dot but can this be implemented in the 2.0 version?

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