measure spacing

• Feb 6, 2017 - 05:34

How do I get four equal sized measures on each line of the staff? I loaded a file created on my old version of Musescore and am having trouble getting equal measures of 4 per line. In the old Musescore this option was in /edit general style/system/fix number of measures per system. Does anyone know this option in Musescore 2? Also when I input chords or notes in a measure, they change size. Is there a way to fix the measure size?



To be clear: we still have the ability to request four measures per staff - it's Edit / Tools / Add/Remove Line breaks. This facility is more powerful and more flexible than the old option, so nothing lost there.

However, there is no longer a way to force equal-sized measures. It's not generally considered good practice - in fact most engraving guides specifically recommend you go out of your way to *avoid* having barlines line up from system to system, as this has been shown to lead to reading errors (easier to get lost when all systems look alike). However there *are* a few genres where this style of notation is commonly used. As mentioned, the option in 1.3 caused layout problems in many scores and thus was scrapped. With the new layout algorithms coming in MuseScore 3, I do think it worth considering whether we could re-implement this. We'd still have to figure out how to avoid the problems this caused in the past, but I don't think they are insurmountable problems.

just added some music and want to add a couple measures or bars...? not sure I need to add four notes to the stafff is two more sections. Can I add two more sections?

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