"add to selection" is rather "invert selection"

• Jun 12, 2012 - 12:21
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

Take e.g. a multi-voice piece, select (a) note(s) in 2nd voice -> right click -> select -> more... -> add to selection

Instead of adding to it inverts the selection, i.e. the note(s) you started with is not part of the section

This is true for 1.2 and trunk (GIT commit: 6dbce9b)

In turn 'replace selection' really does 'add to selection', so at least "add to selection" should get renamed to "invert selection"
Possible 'replace selection' could get renamed to 'add to selection'

This is not necesarily a change in the code, it could be done in the translations alone, but that would be pretty confusing (to the translators).


Let's talk about the current terms.

- "Add to selection" : If you have a clef and a note (A) staff1 voice1 selected, and you select more notes via the select more dialog. You want the clef + the note + all the notes in a given voice/staff selected. It works if all the notes doesn't contain A. But if all the notes contains A, A will be excluded from the selection. I think this need to be fixed.
You should end up with the Clef + the notes selected.

- "Replace selection". Same starting state. Replace selection will remove everything from the selection and then select the element matching the criteria. I think the name is ok, "replace selection" do replace the current selection. Of course if element were already in the selection, and match the criteria, they will be selected, and if they were notes only you have the same result than "Add to Selection" should have.
You end up with only the notes selected, the clef is no more selected.

- "Substract from selection": Same starting state again, a clef and one note staff1 voice1. You "select more" nots on staff1 voice1 and substract. You end up with the clef selected only.