• Jun 17, 2012 - 18:45

Intrigued and inspired by the success of the Open Goldberg project, and on the assumption that really doing a good job here will be a significant undertaking with some significant up front costs, i wonder if Kickstarter funding might make sense? Of all the things MuseScore-related that seem like possible candidates for Kickstarter, this particular project seems like the best fit, both because it is a well-defined endeavor that could have easily documentable expenses but also because its utility could extend beyond the world of MuseScore and thus gain more interest.


Hi Marc,
All this came to mind some weeks ago, then I started this topic to see the reaction of the community. Now that Musescore team thinks it's a good idea, I think we are one step closer. I mean, now this iniciative will have a serious and smart software team behind, and possible funders will take it more seriously.
Honestly I think fundraising will be very succesful, because a (Open Source) High Quality Orchestral soundfont interests all kinds of musicians in all platforms, everyone out there working with Midi or any notation software coud benefit from it, that is a lot of people. The problem is in the coordination and the "core team" responsability, wich is where Musescore can play a great role.
So my point is: ¡start Kickstarter campaign now!, we will contribute and help.

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