Musescore/Edit Text Style/Measure Number

• Feb 9, 2017 - 20:00

This used to give a choice of location either or both ...start of System or each measure, which is usual for Big Band Arrangements. Now I can't find either, I find this a major rehearsal requirement, can someone clarify if it is still pending, relocated or deleted.???


Finding the Measure Number is not the requirement, what I'm looking for is the choice of options for the location of the numbers on the score e.g. 1.Beginning of each staff 2.each bar 3.Above or below the staff 4. At each Section. Etc. At the moment all I found was a number at the top of the page.

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The dialog I mentioned (Style / General / Header, Footer, Numbers) is exactly the dialog you are looking for. You'll see the options listed as "Show first", "Every system", "Interval", and "All staves", just as you remember.

You can also force measure numbers to show or not show for particular measures using Measure Properties.

The *location* of the measure number (above or below the staff, to the left or right of barline or centered, etc) is controlled by the text style, just as for other types of text.

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