Standard trombone goes lower than bass trombone?

• Feb 12, 2017 - 02:06

I'm not a trombone expert or anything, but it seems strange that the standard trombone's lowest note is B1 and the bass trombone's lowest note is C2, which is higher. Is this just how trombones work or is this a bug?


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I gues 'Trombone' and "Trombone (Treble Clef) are meant to be a generic trombones, covering the entire range from "Bass Trombone" to "Tenor Trombone" (but for some strange reasone excluding "Contrabass Trombone, "Alto Trombone" and "Soprano Trombone") and adds en extra pitch at the bottom?

My understanding is that this is all complicated by two facts:

1) many but by no means all "tenor trombones" (the standard trombone) have an attachment that has the effect of extending the bottom range

2) trombone have a lowest note that can be played ordinarily, but also pedal tones that are even lower that could conceivably be considered part of the professional range.

Given that our goal in having these ranges is to give basic advice to people who might not know anything much at all about the subject, I'm inclined to say we should just use the standard-issue low notes shown in most charts / textbooks: E2 for tenor and Bb1 for bass. Since the F attachment can't be counted on and pedal tones can't really be used in :"ordinary" writing, I'd propose pretending they don't exist and marking the amateur and professional ranges the same on the bottom.

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