"Which hand to use" symbol (not verbose, the actual symbol)

• Jul 14, 2012 - 15:00

Example image of the symbol in its two variants:

I'm sorry but I don't know how this symbol it's called. As soon as someone mention it I will edit the topic.

I want to know where is this on Musescore, and if it's not there, I ask for this feature, since I'm writing a music sheet for the piano and I need this symbol.

Even if it's arcaic it should be included, you can find it on a lot of classical scores.



Using version 1.2, I can't find those symbols as such but can create them by placing a line (straight, horizontal one form the Lines palette) and then either adding a Hook at the beginning or a Hook at the end and setting the latter to -2.50 to make the hook go down. Then I edit the line to make its horizontal part shorter.

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1. open Lines palette
2. drag the straight line (last element in your palette) to your score
3. right click the line
4. Line Properties
5. Check "hook".
6. set size to -2.50
7. Hit Ok - you have just added the vertical part of the symbol
8. Double click line to enter edit mode
9. adjust handle to make the horizontal part shorter

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It was. Just as happened here, people offered workarounds. But there was no existing issue in the tracker to link to as there was in this case. You are of course to open your own issue just as another user did for the hand symbol a few months ago, and I recommend you do so. Having an actual issue in the tracker is usually the first step toward getting something considered. Personally, of the two, I think the symbol you mentioned is rather more important, since it is very standard, whereas the symbol being discussed here isn't nearly so common in my experience, and it's also easier to workaround. But both would make fine additions to the program in my opinion.

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I apologize for the peevishness of my previous post. I appreciate very much all the help that you two in particular give -- Marc and lasconic, that is -- as well as the rest of this great community of helpful volunteers. I'm the first to admit that it's easier to complain than actually be proactive in effecting a desired change, and that's something I need to work on.

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The problem with this is that any changes to the measure's width causes an undesired change in the hand marking. I found a workaround that's more robust, but not as customizable. I'm going to leave it here for anyone who may visit this thread in the future:

1. Create staff text at the desired note's chord.
2. Change the font to Bravura.
3. Open the special characters palette (F2, or click the button to the left of "Bold")
4. Go to code page 230.
5. Hunt for 0x0e66e (mouseover characters to find out). This and the next four characters are the L-shaped indications for playing with left and right hand.
6. Position the text at the desired note.

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