Keyboard locale-aware keyboard shortcuts

• Aug 15, 2012 - 16:25
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As a user of a German keyboard layout on Mac, I cannot use many of the shortcuts in MuseScore. For example the layouting commands "add less/more stretch" use curly braces, which are Alt+8 and Alt+9 on a Mac, but these combos are already taken by other commands.

It is probably a bad idea to use Alt as a single modifier on Mac (except for mouse operations), because at least in other locales than English, Alt+Something combinations are often used to enter pretty common characters that are modifierless only on English keyboards. Alt on Mac is maybe similar to the "Alt Gr" key on PC.


Locale-aware defaults would be nice, I agree. But just to make sure you are aware - while the defaults may not always be friendly, you can customize virtually all shortcuts via Edit/Preferences/Shortcuts.

Thanks, I know I can reconfigure the keys.

But I just found out by checking the code that the problem has another dimension: The shortcuts are captured in the wrong way. The modifiers are always added to the keycode, regardless whether the modifiers actually led to that keycode. Which means on my keyboard, if I enter a / as Shift+7, the resulting shortcut will be Shift+/. And that one is an unreachable shortcut for me, because Shift part of the slash on my keyboard. What I would expect is that only the slash is recorded in that case. I'm currently trying to figure out a fix for that.

I'd like to be able to use < and > for harpins, crescendand and decrescendo (ans it would also free up the H whcih I'd like to mean the Note H/B).
This works for <, but not for >, on a German keyboads, as the latter needs Shift to be pressed.
I can enter this as a shortcut, but is doesn't work, so it is a bug rather than a feature request.

There's a pull request from fyzix connected to this since a long time,, not sure whether this would fix the problem or not

Status (old) active fixed

This is in the works as part of this year's GSoC, and actually should have been fixed already in the currently nightly builds (for master)