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Hi everybody!

Even that I'm working on a choral sheet music in musescore I find the same problem: the lyrics.
Although musescore 2.0 has improved things like copy and paste, there are still things that could be improved to make the work faster.

If you know Lilypond and the frontend for lilypond "Frescobaldi", you know that the work with the lyrics is really simple and effective (and fast). There are a separate "lyricmode {..}" and automatic hyphenation for the text in any language (depends of your system hyphen files) and if you have the correct hyphenation for your music the software automatically places the text in the correct position. Also, if you have many voices with the same text you only need to type the text once!
And the "historical problem" in the musescore with the "Sinalefa sign" (no, is not enough the symbol palette when you have 30 sinalefas to write) is solved with ~ symbol, like "a -- le -- lu --ia~a -- le -- lu -- ia" when "a~a" is only one note.
the use of this symbol "~" is very useful because it's more quickly. I remember (a long time ago) when I used sibelius software the solution for sinalefa was the "_" like a_a. You wrote the symbol and the software transformed it automatically.

I write many many pieces of choral arrangements and this practicals things "scare" many musicians to make de definitive change to musescore.
thank you for your work!



A comment on the first problem raised in the OP:

Using Lilypond, one enters text by writing it with an external editor (e.g. Frescobaldi) in the Lilypond source file.
With Musescore, the procedure is similar when preparing the text in an external editor and then copy and past, but there is a significant difference:
- you have to press Ctrl+V for each syllable.

For some purposes, it would be desirable to copy all syllables at once with a single key combination (complete paste).
Let me explain this on an example where simple copying from one voice to another is not possible because of the different distribution of syllables (Renaissance music):

At the moment, I am creating a score for the five-part song "Nun freut euch, lieben Christen g’mein" by Eccard, which should contain all 10 verses.
Each verse consists of 53 syllables. There is only room for one verse in the full score. Therefore, I also create parts for the individual voices in which I underlay 6 verses each. The rest have to fit in a text frame because of lack of space.

Since I need each verse 5 times (5 voices!), I prepare it externally. Then, instead of 5 "complete paste's" I have to press 265 Ctrl+V now. With 6 underlaid verses, this makes 1590 Ctrl+V, instead of 30 "complete paste".

You will ask, what about the different syllable distributions? Well, I rather edit 6 verses with the editor 5 times (to insert or delete a few "-" or "melisma"), than that I constantly pay attention during 1590 button presses to whether I have to press one "-" or "melisma" additionally.
In addition, if I create several such scores in this way, I feel like I have to buy a new keyboard prematurely because the V key is worn out.

What do you think about a "complete paste"?

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