Velocity for instrument in instruments.xml is not used

• Mar 2, 2017 - 15:53

I have created a new instrument group with a custom instrument in the instruments.xml as following:

<InstrumentGroup id="samba">
<Instrument id="caixa">
<stafftype staffTypePreset="perc1Line">percussion</stafftype>
<Drum pitch="38">
<Drum pitch="37">
<!-- Does not work unfortunately -->
<!-- Works fine -->
<Articulation name="sforzato">
<controller ctrl="0" value="1"/>
<program value="48"/>

I can use the instrument and the velocity for sforzato works, but the general setting for the instruments velocity is just ignored.

Why is that?

Cheers and thanks for any help


I'm not sure what you would be expecting it to do. The default velocity for any note in any instrument depends on the dynamic marking in effect at that point in the score. I am not aware of any facility for changing that.


It's a bit off topic, but because of your question, I was wondering if you could help me? I'm looking for a soundfont for tamborim and repinique or an acceptable alternative.

Thank you very much in advance,


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If you download Finale Notepad 2012 (free of charge), you can find a SoundFont named "synthgms.sf2" in one of the folders. (in Win7 C:\Program Files\Finale NotePad 2012\Audio Support)
There are many different percussion instruments in it. (Repinique and Tambourim in Brazilian Percussion DrumSet)

You can copy this file to your user SoundFont folder and use it in MuseScore.

But you need to find out which instrument is where.
And I think a user defined DrumMap setting is also required. (You need to spend some time on it.)
I've added my own Drum-map definitions here:

Extract these files from the zip and copy them to the your styles folder:

to import these files, see:

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I am experimenting to set the sounds to approach a samba drums.
I was able to edit to make the accents of the boxes close to what runs. Putting the phantom notes in the dynamic "pp" and the accents in "F".
Here is an example:
But I don't know how to define or visualize Drum Map, I downloaded the soundfont synthgms, the brazilian separate definitions.
When it comes to adding an instrument (already with the soundfont installed and the drum map you posted) which instrument or percussion line do I choose to work with?

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Files with ".drm" extension indicate which sound is assigned to which key.
You can look into them with a text editor.

Even better, you can use the instrument definitions file included in the zip file (use with synthgms font).
Don't forget to select the bank with the same name of the synthgms font from the mixer.
eg: "Marching Drums", "Cuban Perc.", "Brazilian Perc." etc...

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Thank you so much, I can now have the sound of a samba school. I found another publication of yours and managed to do everything right.

"Download the instrument-list see attachment:
Extract the xml file inside the archive and copy it to the Musescore's (user) Instruments directory. (this instrument-list doesn't conflict with the original instrument list.)
And add it to here: Edit menu=>Preferences=>Score: instrument list 2"

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