Crash when saving transposed lead sheet

• May 25, 2009 - 20:18
S2 - Critical

Reported by XavierJazz at

* Open this score
* transpose the score (any -+x)
* Save


New Lead Sheet attached. Contains nothing unusual.
I was able to trsnspose and save this sheet.
However, I went back to examine it and moved the first chordname a bit for clarity. Noe the programs crashes when I try to save it. even if I make no alteration.

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SONG FOR MY FATHER C Inst.mscz 3.08 KB

When I open Xavierjazz's score in #1 and save it using r.1833 I get a crash. When I use r.1852 (self-built, Windows XP) it doesn't crash, but it give the following two errors:

MuseScore: Save File
renaming file <C:/Documents and Settings/David Bolton/Desktop/SONG FOR MY FATHER C Inst.mscz> to backup <.SONG FOR MY FATHER C Inst.mscz,> failed

MuseScore: Save File
renaming <C:/Documents and Settings/David Bolton/Desktop/msYa5764.mscz> to <C:/Documents and Settings/David Bolton/Desktop/SONG FOR MY FATHER C Inst.mscz> failed

Ctrl+deleting the first four measures in "SOY CALIFAS C Inst.mscz" (from the top of this thread) and recreating the first four measures stopped the crashes for me (see "soy califas recreated.mscz" attached below). Not sure why the original file was crashing.

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soy califas recreated.mscz 3.26 KB

I understand Ctrl+deleting to mean selecting each part of the 1st 4 bars individually, holding down control and then deleting. I then replaced the slashs.
I took Soy Califas and tried that.. It saved. I then tried to transpose it up a tone. It transposed. When I tried to save - Runtime error.

I then took your "recreated" file. It saved. When I tried to save after transposing, "Runtime error".

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Soy Califas.png 119.42 KB

It is actually Ctrl+click to select then Delete to remove. For details see Measure operations .

Are you sure that you were using my version when it crashed. The screenshot looks different (there is some staff text in the first four measures that is not in my version).

I double checked and my version still doesn't crash when I open, transpose, and save.

Sorry David. I guess I rried to follow your instructions and sent my own version.
I tried yours and it works. Thanks.

I tried to imitate your solution and deleted the bars. I then added 4 bars back, using insert 4 times.
When I go to the sheet and try to re add the notes, I am able to add only one and then the program doesn't allow me to add more????
File attached.

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SOY CALIFAS 2.mscz 3.23 KB

I have reinstalled MuseScore and SOy Califas now is not crashing.

However, I am attaching another file that continues to Crash.

Let me know if it should be a separate issue.

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Again if you Ctrl+click, delete the measures with slash notation it no longer crashes. Could you give step by step instructions for how you are creating the slash notations that cause MuseScore to crash?

I add 4 quarter note B's per bar.
I right click on a measure and go to measure properties.
I select slash style.
I select all 4 bars by clicking on 1st note, shift clicking on last note.
I go to noteheads and select the note head.

I am still having crashes with Partito Alto, a tune I sent a .png file on lately.
I wish to send the MS file.
Should I attach it to this issue or start a new issue?


I had a look at the files and the problem is a volta with bad parameters (end before start). There was an mscore version which had problems editing voltas and i suspect the files were created with that bad version. The current mscore version does not crash but the bad voltas are still there. To make mscore more robust, i should add some more checks to the file reading routine and sort out bad elements.

I am having problems with numerous scores.
the latest:
I extracted parts from a score. When I tried to save, with no transposition, Crash.
I attach the result when I tried to open the file that was left. (.png)
I also attach the score.
I extracted the Flute and Piano parts as one. This is the one that crashed.

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Paulo Score.mscz 5.08 KB
Paulo extract.png 189.86 KB
Status (old) active fixed

Unable to reproduce crash when extracted Flute and Piano as one from the "Paulo Score.mscz". Apparently fixed? (Tested using r.1890 self built, Windows XP)