Explanation of various musical notations using musescore?

• Mar 6, 2017 - 08:43

I'm a complete newbie on musescore. I just started using it this week.

I was writing an instructional set of sheet musics for beginners to intermediates, and I wanted to include an explanation of musical notations, starting with note lengths, dynamics, tempo, bar lines, articulations, repeats etc. Basically stuff shown on palette on the left panel.

is such thing exist as a musescore file so that I can just append to the end of the book or something?

This is mainly for classical guitar and piano.

Any help is much appreciated


I'm not sure if the appendix is already written. If it is, you can use a text frame at the end of the score and paste it in there. You need hard returns entered into the original because there is no word wrap in MuseScore.

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I would put it into a word processor and turn on line breaks. Copy it and then paste it into a text frame. If you want to put the symbols into the text you will need to do that through the font, not the palette because everything from the palette has to be attached to a score, and putting the two together, while possible is very difficult to put together.

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