I don't know what this problem is. It's seems phrasing was added but as tempo changes and...

• Mar 9, 2017 - 03:44

it seems like they put in a lot of work into the midi adding natural phrasing in it, but in muse it displays as temp changes. How do I hide them and still keep the phrasing?

And how do I access them later to modify the temp changes to my need?

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This gets rid of the phrasing too.

The most impressive part of the midi is the inclusion of the phrasing in the form of changes in tempo. What you've essentially done is gotten rid of the best part of the midi.

Is there a way to hide the rest of the tempo markings besides the first 1/4 note = 30. That way I still have the phrasing and then I can try to figure out how to modify it

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And what part of the above, am I to see?

if I click on the first tempo marking above the notes, and select all similar, it select the tempo fir the piece as well.

And it still doesn't deal with the phrasing that ws introduced into the midi.

I need to accomplish the following.

One. Either get rid of the spurious tempo markings appearing above the notes in the score while keeping the tempo changes.

Two. Hide the tempo markings giving the midi its phrased feel.

Three. Figure out how to do something similar to other midis, giving them also a feel of phrasing

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Ok, this along with the "text edit style" seems to be promising.

I've increased the tempo marking's offset to -7sp. That seems to move the tempo markings off the notes below, not it's overlapping the notes in the staff above.

And if I were to add the spacer like you've told me to, then I have to do this manually to all the staves individually.

Is there a way to increase the spacing between the staves by the same amount automatically?

Changing the staff distance and grand staff distance didn't do anything.

I'm close to solving this problem. any help is appreciated.

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Staff distance controls distances between staves *within* a system. Grand staff distance does the same for the staves within a grand staff. I'm guessing you want to change the distance between *systems*, not between staves within a system or within a grand staff. So, use the system distance settings. You'll see there is a min and max - MuseScore will ensure at least as much as the min but if there is extra room on the page, will increase distance up to the max, thus allows the distance to vary from page to page (eg, to keep a consistent bottom margin).

select a tempo
right click, select all similar

May I ask how this was imported?
My first attempt on the midi file resulted in a piano grand staff. I was trying to reduce it to one staff on import and could not figure it out. Even reducing voices did not help. Did you combine staffs manually later?

Also, do you know what program generated the midi file in the first place? The tons of tempi make me think it was some program's way of dealing with rit, accelerando and/or comma pauses internally.

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Sorry, I apparently had two version of that midi. The one i uploaded was the one exported out of frescobaldi.

I've attached the original midi I got from a website somewhere. weiss_fantasie(1).mid

if that midi is imported into the Frescobaldi, it looks like the screen cap attached below

If you were to open the same midi weiss_fanatasie(1).mid in musescore it will open just like i have in the muse file format.

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