Part dynamics do not affect playback

• May 28, 2009 - 06:06
  1. Drag a dynamic onto the score
  2. Play (notice dynamic has no effect on score)
  3. Right click on dynamic marking and select "MIDI properties..."
  4. Select "Staff" or "System" and click "OK"
  5. Play (notice dynamic now has effect on score)

Expected behavior: When the dynamic marking is first dragged onto the score it should affect playback for the instrument it is dragged onto (e.g. trumpet or piano).

Tested using r.1833, Windows XP

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When I right-click the dynamic, there is no "MIDI properties..." option. There is only the "object inspector".

Is there also a way to change the velocity of a single note?
For example: I have a drum score and wish the 16th bassdrum at the last 16th of 1 count to sound a liitle bitt softer then the one aftre that, that on the beat. But I dont want to show all the dynamics. It's just for the sound.
I should be handy if, for example, I could change that in "Note properties" or in the "Inspect Objecst" menu (change and and choose "Okay"which yoy can't do now. Or am I too much willing to use the program as a sequenser with this?