Cellos and basses on same staff?

• Mar 10, 2017 - 01:19

Generally in classical-era orchestral music, the cellos and basses would show up on the same staff on the score. Is there any way to do this in MuseScore? If I put them on separate staves and implode them together, it doesn't work, since the basses play an octave lower than written and it just shows up as played on the imploded score. But if I content myself with just one of the parts, the playback will of course lack the other, and both are crucial.

Thanks in advance.


The trick would be to have just one part for printing purposes, but keep the other for playback purposes and make it invisible (checkbox in Instruments dialog).

Another thing you can do is use the "Strings" sound instead of choosing either the cello or the bass sound. MuseScore already does this if you add the "Cellos" or "Bases" (plural) instruments rather than the "Cello" or "Bass" (singular) instruments. This is because the cello and bass sounds are for instrument solos rather than a full section.

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