Is there a Basic Guide to Part and Score editing for MuseScore.

• Mar 15, 2017 - 01:36

Didn't want to start a new thread but had a hard time finding anything online.

Anyone now of any guides to edit parts on this software. Like other than breakers and spacers and the page layout, is there a way to create a basic part sheet music.

Just like the image provided, is there a way have the title be on the top of the first page of the parts while the score has the title in a separate page like a cover page.

Also as seen on the image is there a way to get that indention of the first line.

And any other functions that can be used to create parts like the one provided, the very generic part format.

I bet all of these are probably simple and I keep going over them when I try to figure out the software one my own, but a little help would be awesome!

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For the score title page as you mentioned, the trick would be to double-click the frame around the title in the score and drag it down until it fills the whole page. The other thing for formatting parts—and I wish MuseScore did this automatically (#9456: Automatically add horizontal frame before first system of parts)—is the indentation of the first line, which you can do by inserting a horizontal frame before the first measure. Is there anything else specific you have in mind that you're not sure how to do?

Indeed, by default you should already get a pretty standard arrangement of elements for a part. If you have specific tweaks you like - how much space below the title frame, what fonts you like, etc - you can set up a part that way, use Style / Save Style, and set that as your default format for parts in Edit / Preferences / Score.

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