Steirische Harmonika

• Mar 18, 2017 - 17:18

Hallo zusammen, eine andere Frage ist es jemanden, der ein Skript für Musescore erstellen kann, für die Umwandlung von Noten zu Griffschrift Vielen Dank Gust


Hi, another question is there someone who can create a script for MuseScore, for converting notes to Griffschrift

Thanks Gust

From looking at Griffschrift online it would take someone familiar with the Styrian accordian, reading music and programming to do this. This would never play back correctly in Muscore once it was transcribe from notes to Griffschrift.

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Hi all, Is there any programmer who love a challenge? who would like to write a script to convert notation to Griffschrift. That's a big challenge for a programmer because it almost does not exist. greetings Gust

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