chord names

• Jun 8, 2009 - 12:14

I use Windows XP and MuseScore 0.9.4 since a few days. When I want to name a chord (with strg + k) p.e. "Am7" appears Am² (with 7 insted of 2 - I didn´t know how to type it). The funny thing is: it´s just with specific chord names. Some chord names are normal (Gism|H; Fism|A; Emaj7; E+; H7) others change automaticly to exponential functions like described.


The "7" is superscript by default for every chord that MuseScore recognizes. Only English-language style chords are recognized. For example: G#m/B; F#m/A; Emaj7; E+; B7 instead of the style you wrote above.

There is work to make the layout of chord names more customizable in the current code. In version 0.9.4 there is no way to change the default layout of chord names.

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