Export as wav stuck at 0%

• Mar 25, 2017 - 06:39

I have an orchestral piece that I wish to export as .wav with Musescore 2.0.3 on 64 bits Windows 10.

Previously I had no issues, but this time it could not do it, the pop up window always showing 0% and never changing. Is it because of page limits or something like that? The piece is 30+ pages.

How to fix this? Thanks!



Does it hang at 0% if you try again to export wav? Are you using a large soundfont other than the default? Does it also hang when you try to export midi? What about ogg? Does your system monitor show your memory usage to be low?

We might need to see your score to see if there is any bug in the score or in musescore. FYI, musescore does two passes through the audio...The first time it determines the maximum amplitude of the wav, and the second pass writes normalized wav to disk.. so it appears to be hanging in the first pass or before.

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I found the culprit, but do not understand why:

As the recapitulation is very similar to the exposition, I just copied the exposition and pasted it there. Now if I deleted that pasted part, it exported the wav like magic!

So it seems that Musescore does not handle such copy-and-paste kindly, :(. That is very bad for users as we have to re-enter virtually similar notes all over again??

Any suggestion?

Other details:
(1) I tried to let it run as long as it liked. In about 6 hours, it reached 2%!

(2) I am using the default sound file.

(3) It did not hang when exporting as MIDI, XML etc., but not ogg.

(4) Musescore uses about 25% of my CPU, but overall the CPU is about 50%. Memory too is not overloaded.


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I explored this strange behaviour further:

(1) I copied a few bars at a time, tested export as wav after I pasted every time. This worked for all the bars in the exposition except a small selection.

(2) For that offending section, there is nothing unusual in terms of instrumental reach or complexity. So I copied the instruments by section instead, e.g. woodwinds, then brass, then strings. The problem vanished!

Probably a very subtle bug?

Now I could export the whole piece as wav. I have to re-attach all the tempo markings and changes to the piece, let's hope nothing strange occurs!


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ok, well if you find a bug in the future, please share the score, that way we can better fix bugs so that other users won't experience the bug in future versions.

Since you said you had copied the sections note by note, it sounds like there was some offending element hidden from view. Maybe there was a repeat that was causing an infinite loop or something. But I can only speculate.

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