Too narrow hairpins

• Mar 26, 2017 - 03:22

Not sure if something has changed or if my memory is failing me. I used to be able to adjust the width of the hairpins by simply clicking on the lower of two boxes at the end. Then I'd move the arm to the desired width. Now I can't seem to adjust the width and am stuck with long skinny hairpins. Is there an easy way to adjust the hairpins to allow for a wider option?


In reply to by Ziya Mete Demircan

Thank you so much ... I knew I had done this easily a few months ago. And had done exactly what you show with the nice diagram. So knowing that the feature was still operative, I checked the details. If I click ON the lower box, it does nothing. But if I click right next to it on the arm, the box changes to blue and works like a charm. The trick is to avoid the box itself. There's a "sweet spot" there on the inner side of that box.

A suggestion to the programmers would be to position a box at the extreme end of the hairpin arm which would make the whole process much more intuitive.

Thanks again for your prompt reply. ;)

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