slur control points not reliably selectable

• Oct 5, 2014 - 17:29
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I find that on certain slurs the editing control points can not be reliably selected by clicking directly on them. See screen video for demonstration:


I've tried. I do not know if there is a bug somewhere.
But in my experience, there is a question about the zoom percentage.
I have some failures to select the handles with the 100% value, a little less with the 110% and 120% values, and no failures with 150% !

In preferences you can set a 'catch radius' (not sure about the exact wording) and on lower zoom with shorter slurs it is more likely that more than one handle is within that radius, and instead on the nearest some other handle gets selected.

Here, perhaps, in Préférences -> Canvas -> Miscellaneous -> antialiased ?


I tried some values ​​quickly for "proximity for selecting elements". Not really convincing for now. If I'm in the right place, is there a value that optimizes the handles selection?

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FWIW, I found (after someone pointed it out!) that it's mostly the right-hand side of the box that is active. If your mouse pointer is *within* the box, there is a good chance it will miss.

Marc is right. It is neither the zoom ratio nor the "proximity for selecting elements". It is simply the fact that the center of the invisible sensitive area is not matching the center of the visible control box, but is displaced to the right. If two of those areas overlap, the left one wins. If the boxes are near together you have to click the next box to get your result. Suggest a slur over three 1/16 notes, you will find the boxes very close together.

Its the same with all those control boxes (hairpins, "prima volta" ...).

This is no minor weakness but a serious problem. Working for example on larger orchestral scores, where smaller note distances are usual, you will spend much time and nerves, because the automatically generated slur positions often are unsatisfying and need correction. The impression to someone who is not yet a MuseScore follower is fatal.

In version 1 just the visible box was click-sensitive. Seems that someone wanted to improve that, but if it is not possible to place box and sensitive area exactly (centered), the former way would be better.

By the way: Even when the placing is corrected, the default value of the "proximity" should be smaller to avoid overlapping when there are smaller note distances. Although you can change it, the common user will not easyly find out.