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• Mar 28, 2017 - 13:19

When I save a score, there are two formats saved- Compressed Musescore File and MSCZ. Can someone please direct me to the section in the Handbook that explains why this is so and why both are needed? All replies appreciated!


mscx: like XML, uncompressed and readable format . (opened in any flat text editor, like notepad)

mscz: a simple zip file. contains: mscx, a thumbnail for preview, user added picture data (used in score), and an container information file (XML) to indexing and pointing for added items.

Thanks all for the responses. I've been a little puzzled because, sometimes when I click on a saved score, I get a pop-up message saying that the computer (Windows 7) cannot read the file, but then the file opens. I'll save this info for future reference.

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If you click on a score form within Windows Explorer, then what happens next is up to Windows, not MuseScore. When you first installed MuseScore, the setup wizard tells Windows to send MSCZ files (aka compressed MuseScore files - the normal kind created by MuseScore) as well as MSCX files (aka MuseScore files - the kind created if you used the Save As option from within MuseScore and then explicitly set the file type to MSCX) to MuseScore. It's possible something you later did on your system caused Windows to forget this, so now it doesn't know what to do with these files any more. But you can still open them directly from within MuseScore as opposed to clicking on them in Explorer.

It's also possible the files producing the error are not regular MuseScore files at all but instead are the *backup* files it generates. These are normally hidden so you wouldn't see them unless you have enabled display of hidden files. But you can identify them as backup files rather than regular files because their names start with a period and end with a comma. Windows will *not* try to send these to MuseScore, nor will MuseScore let you open them directly.

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