5 line drumset no sound 2nd voice 2nd beat

• Oct 16, 2012 - 20:39
S4 - Minor

So I created this score and can never hear the hi-hat on the second and fourth beat of every measure.


6952215 windows xp

Score is attached. 1.mscz

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OK, so I noticed that if I delete the kick drum on the second beat I can hear the hi-hat.

But why is it so quiet anyways? And why is everything so quiet in MuseScore when you first download it and open it? I always have to max out all possible volumes in it to hear anything both from the Mixer and Synthesizer and even then it's very quiet.

At first I thought it's not working at all as I was listening to an other video and was expecting to at least hear it a bit.

6952215 Windows XP

Hi-hats *are* normally quieter than bass drums or snares, so it doesn't strike me as being unnatural you would would have trouble really hearing the hi-hat when obscured by louder drums. But in any case, that's a matter of the specific soundfont you are using and how loud the deaigners of that soundfont sampled the different drums - it's not really a MuseScore issue per se. Perhaps the one you are using has the hi-hat especially quiet relative to the others? I use Fluid R3, and it sounds pretty natural to me. If you are using the default timgm6mb, perhaps a tweak to the levels in that could be in order?

As for overal llevel, I suspct the there are two things going on. One is that most commercially released music has been heavily compressed so everything is at the upper end of the dynamic spectrum - basically, it is all "ff" or close to it. Whereas MuseScore defaults to "mf". If you explicitly set your pieces to all play "ff", you'd be closer to what you might expect. But I also think the default synth level tends to be set too conservatively, presumably so an accent played on note marked "fff" wont clip, but I think maube they go a bit too far. Definitely could be worth re-evaluating the default overall sunth level - but that's a different issue from any concern about the relative levels of two different samples within any given soundfont.

I'm using whatever comes with MuseScore, so if MuseScore developers bundle it, then I think it's a MuseScore problem.

I mean, that's the normal logic of things.

And it's not like I had 5 things super-imposed over the same beat, it was just one snare and one hi-hat on the same beat, I think I'm supposed to be able to hear that.

Interestingly enough, one kick-drum and one hi-hat works fine.

And a correction to my other post, it wasn't a kick-drum that I was deleting in order to be able to hear it, it was a snare. I only have kick-drums on the first and third beats of everything.

Yes, I agree, *if* there is an issue with the default soundfont, it should be fixed. That why I was trying to understand which soundfont you were using, since you didn't say at first. Had it been something other than than timgm6mb, then it would not be a musescore problem at all, as I assume you will agree. Given that you are now telling us it is timgm6mb, then it is indeed a musescore issue, but not a "code" issue.

Anyhow, I just listened with the default soundfont, and I am still not sure I agree with you that it *is* an issue. Yes, the hi-hat is quieter than the bass drum and snare, but as I said, that sounds quite natural to me - more or less the same way an actual drum set sounds. Some drummers do indeed hit the hi hat harder and make it correspondingly louder, so I would agree that it doesn't match how *some* drummers play, but with many other drummers, the hi hat does sound more or less the way it does in timgm6mb. It would be interesting to run this by a few professional drummers to get their opinions. Certainly, in studio recording, it is not uncommon to put a separate mic on the hi hat and thus make it artificially loud, but I am comparing more to how drumsets sound in live performance. Perhaps it does make sense to *not* try to sound like live performance and instead sound more like a studio recording.