Issues with Edit Staff Types dlg box

• Oct 26, 2012 - 08:58
S4 - Minor

Context: rev. 83da8e83b1

Edit Staff Types dlg box has 2 issues:

1) TAB Preview is blank

2) Once a staff type is edited, its name goes blank.

In addition, I suspect the dlg box shares the staff type data with the score, instead of working on a temporary copy of it: for instance, editing a staff type and pressing [Cancel], the staff type name goes blank anyway (for instance, in the staff type drop list of Staff Properties dlg box).

I have assigned myself to the task, but if anybody else want to step in, (s)he is welcome!



Is this the reason why Edit Staff Data has disappeared from the Edit menu?

This has had the knock on effect of making edited styles unavailable when creating parts in R792e398

Strangely they are still available when creating a score from a template.

Should I file a separate issue for this or leave it as part of this one??

Among other changes to the staff style management, Werner moved "Edit Staff Types" from the "Edit" menu to the "Style" menu: it should be there, always available (when a score is open, of course).

HOWEVER, work is going on in this area and, for a couple of days, things are very likely to be volatile and not entirely reliable. I'll mark this issue as fixed when the work is finished. I suggest you wait then for filing new issues on this topic (I know there are several!).