Undesired rests in my score

• Apr 9, 2017 - 15:29

Hey everyone,
I've been using Musescore for a long while and very satisfied with it, but today I encountered a new and puzzling problem.
Usually, the score is initially filled with rests, which are gradually replaced by notes by the process of writing. However, in my current chart, some rests manage to "survive" although I have already written the appropriate notes.
here's an example (superfluous rests are in blue).
Why does it happen and what do I do to get rid of them?
Thanks guys!

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These are voice 1 rests (and those can't get deleted), so the notes must be in a different voice. Don't do that, always and in every staff start with entering notes in voice 1 (esp. if there is only one voice).

To get rid of them now swap voices whatever voice your using with voice 1, then select one of the now non-voice 1 resrs, right click, select, more..., same voice, OK, Del

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