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• Oct 30, 2012 - 17:56

1.2 XP3

I don't know what changes are planned for 2.0, but the fingering facility is VERY clunky. Drag a fingering to a note. It's in an inappropriate position as to the note so drag it as close as you can get it to the right position. Add the 2nd fingering (I'm a pianist and 2 or 3 note chords needing to be fingered are not unusual in a hand). Labouriously drag it as close to the proper position as possible, etc. etc. Setting distances for a fingering is not enough because, of course, I need more than one fingering per chord.

One possible way around this would be to make a selectable array of common piano fingerings (1 over or under 3, 2-4, 3-5, 1-4 etc.), perhaps selectable via the right-click menu.

Another important feature missing is a way to notate the changing of a finger on a held note, usually notated as "5-4" for example.

Great work everyone.



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Agreed. The current setup is extremely clunky... Not to say that it would be easy to come up with a comprehensive solution, but maybe something that moves in the right direction? At the very least, the fingering should not superimpose on top of the note by default as it does today!

Further to the array idea if it is not clear is that the fingerings distance and alignment would be set and adjustable. Any better ideas, please?

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What I have found is that you can set the relative distance through manipulating the x,y coordinates in the Style>text Style>fingering screen.

Unfortunately the fingerings do not respond to this setting if you select the note and double-click the fingering. It does adhere to the setting if dragged, although it is not variable in response to conflicting elements.

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Steps to reproduce:

1) Create a new score and enter some random notes
2) Add fingering numbers to the notes by either:
a) Clicking on a note and then double-clicking on the number/letter under the "Fingering" palette
b) Drag and drop the number to the note.
3) Go to Edit Text Styles, choose "Fingering" on the left side. Then enter 1.0mm for the X: offset and -3,0mm for the Y: offset.
4) Close and re-open (just in case this makes a difference).
5) The setting change does not impact existing fingerings (in the attached example it was the treble clef). Perhaps this is by design?
6) After re-opening the file, option 2b) dragging and dropping, works, i.e. respects the settings made in step# 3 above. See bass clef, 1st note is OK there, then 4th and 5th notes. The other notes in the bass clef were added via the double-click method. 2a) ignores the new settings, placing the fingerings overlapping with the notes.

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It is indeed true that editing text style does not affect existing marks. I guess you could say that is "by design", but I think it probably more accurate to say, it is a known limitation of how things were implmented. That is, I doubt anyone was thinking that this would be a *good* thing; just that it was easdier to implement that way. For 2.0, the whole text style mechanism has been revamped so that changes to text style *do* affect existing elements (except for elements you explicitly state you want fixed).

In your posted example, existing markings are as they are, but if I add new ones, they honor the current style settings - *if* you add them via drag&drop rather than double clicking. That seems to be an outright bug in 1.2, as pointed out by Xavierjazz above.

So, if I am understanding correctly, that should answer your question? That is, the text style *does* work, but only for text not already entered (that much is "normal" for 1.2) and only using drag&drop.

BTW, I gather 2.0 will have other improvements with regard to fingers, but I don't use that feature myself much, so I am not really familiar with what is or isn't happening on that front. Could deifnitely be worth playing with a nightly build to see if things look better or if you have further suggestions for improvement. Except that I just tried it, and the fingering text style appears to be completely ignored in all cases right now. But *other* text does indeed update as expected when you edit the text style.

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