So hard to organize lyrics. -_-

• Nov 1, 2012 - 02:24

The beams blocked the lyrics, when I move the lyrics, only one word can move then It is hard to organize them, the word now aren't straight. How can you make it easier to make the words organize and straight?


IF the beams are colliding with the lyrics then that means that your music and lyrics margins are set wrong.

Goto Style>Edit General Style>Page and adjust the lyric and music margins until there is no longer a collision.

When you have done that selecting all the lyrics (right click a selected lyric and choose Select>All Similar Elements) and hitting CTRL+R will reset the lyrics to there original places within the new margins.


You can move several lyrics at once - just select them all (shift-lasso or ctrl-click) then ctrl-drag to move them all at once. That should keep them aligned. Or, simply enter them onto the next verse (hit enter while typing the lyrics to move to next line).

I assume you are dealing with multi-voice music and that is why the beams are in the way - normally, beams would not extend below the staff much. So, setting a larger margin may indeed be the right thing (or change the text style to position them lower, but do this before entering the lyrics). If it's just a couple of places where it is an issue, though, you might consider moving the beam up - double click to see handles.

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