Dynamics in alternate endings, how should it play?

• Apr 13, 2017 - 16:27

This is perhaps more music question than musescore, but I was transcribing a piece of music and got an unexpected result, and do not know if the original is flawed slightly, or musescore plays back incorrectly.

The issue is if a dynamic appears in the prima volta, but no dynamic is in the seconda volta, does the primary have an impact on the seconda?

Musescore (at least 2.1 and 3.0) appears to treat the dynamic in the first ending and use it in the second, rather than skipping it.

Is that correct?

Example attached as screen shot and mscz score.


Should the A be played "pp" or "f"?

Musescore plays it "F" (specifically in the midi output, which I am using).

A safety "p" in the second ending is easy of course, this is more music notation curiosity (and possible minor bug report) than problem.


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It *should* definitely still be pp, and I think it's a bug if it doesn't. We should pay attention to repeats when sorting out dynamics. Although this can be tricky, because then you might get different results depending on whether playback of repeats is turned on or not.

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