Chordnames do not copy paste correctly (regression)

• Jun 20, 2009 - 01:03
S2 - Critical

Writea piano, flute, bass part 2/4 bars
Write quarter notes in piano part 1, 2 bars
add chord symbols to piano part, 1st note

Go to Bass part - write 1 bar of Quarter notes
Copy bass part to 2nd bar - Chord symbol transfers to corresponding bar in piano part - however, we cannot get the chord symbols to go with a second part when we extract parts.


Maybe these steps are easier to follow:

  1. Open file attached: "chordname copy paste.mscz"
  2. Select measure 1 of the Violin 1 part
  3. Edit > Copy
  4. Select measure 2 of the Violin 2 part
  5. Edit > Paste

Expected results: Pasted chordnames should be the same as the ones copied ("C, G, F" not "C, A, C") . The chordnames should also appear immediately the staff it was pasted onto (above the violin 2 part, not above the violin 1 part).

Actual results: Pasted chordnames are different, and appear above the wrong staff.

(Tested using r.1869, Windows XP)

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