cannot create slurs

• Jun 20, 2009 - 21:25

Entering Edit Mode (double click), selecting a note and pressing "S" does not create a slur as stated in the handbook, but adds a sharp (#) to the note instead. Alt + "S" doesn't create slur either (being Alt + "S" the slur shortcut specified in default preferences). Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.
I'm running version 0.9.4 under Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04)


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Single clicking the note in order to select it actually is what I've being doing so far. The note is selected, but pressing "S" adds a sharp (#) sign to the note (this happens in all modes). "Alt + S" (the default keyboard shortcut) does nothing. Is there any other way to create a slur? Thanks on any help.

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I have not changed any default setting under Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts. Nontheless I've checked and the settings are correct; no conflict between shortcuts whatsoever; but still cannot create slur with any method. Could something be wrong with the program´s installation?

In your original post you write "entering edit mode (double click)". What do you mean by that? What are you double clicking on?

Also Alt+S is not the default shortcut for slurs. If it says Alt+S in the Preferences then you should change it back to S

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I'm sorry, maybe I'm not clear enough:
This is what has being happening:
1) Enter any group of 2 or 3 notes.
2) Press N in order to leave Entry Mode.
3) Double click on any place in the score switches to Edit Mode.
4) One click on first note head of the group to select it.
5) Press "S". Thats when (as far as I understood) the slur should appear and doesn't. Instead, a sharp adds itself to the note.
6) Looked for keyboard shortcut in Edit > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts and the shortcut default for slurs indicates "Alt" + "S". Tried it: no slur appears.
7) Changed shortcut to "S". Tried it: again a sharp sign adds to the note.
8) Tried entering the slur on Note Entry Mode: "S" produces a sharp sign, again.
9) Tried the entire sequence without double clicking (enter notes, press "N", select note with one mouse click, press "S"); still no slur appears.

My sincere gratitude for your patience and quick responses!!!

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